29 mrt. 2010

My life right now

I'm doing a quick update before I will leave to the university library. The upcoming 1,5 week I'm having exams and I didn't even study yet! Has anybody found my motivation? Please bring it back to me! So this is what I'll be doing:

Did I already mention that tomorrow it's my birthday? Probably not, because I'm forgetting it myself all the time. I'm becoming the magic age of 21, well at least in the USA it is. I am not really able to celebrate it due to my exams but I'm taking my friends out for some cake, just for an hour or so. Then I will continue the day with...some more studying! So I won't be able to post tomorrow.

This is for the sweet toothes out there

28 mrt. 2010

My Designerstuff

So, I would love to introduce you to my loving loves.
I'll confess: I've got a weak spot for designer-items. Of course, I'm not talking about all designer-items. It's not explainable. It's definitely not something to brag about (like a lot of people think). For me it's just like designer-items have a little magic touch. It's such a good feeling to save money for something you really want (the saving part is not the fun part) and then being able to buy it (this is the actual fun part ;)). So after the jump there's a photo of my seven favourite pieces.

26 mrt. 2010

I wish I lived in wonderland

wℯℓcomℯ at my blog

This is not going to be A fashionblog or A musicblog, although it will be often fashionrelated. This is going to be a blog about everything you can imagine.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

I'm kicking off with one of my favorite songs. I can't copy the vid so click on the link or just listen to it right here.

Click here for the vid. Notice the clothes they're wearing and the whole scene they are in. This musicvideo dates from 1997 and the fashiontrends look kinda similar to the trends at the moment. Don't you think?

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